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Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

A Guide to Spring Car Maintenance

The winter season always throws a lot of challenges at all cars on the road. From hidden pot holes to corrosive road salts, it's likely your car took a beating this past season. To reward your vehicle for all of its hard work, get it properly ready for this upcoming spring season. Not only will spring maintenance ensure that you are better prepared for seasonal driving, you will also be able to catch any car issues before they turn into costly, difficult to fix problems. Follow these simple tips from Synthoils Storesin Zebulon, NC to adequately prepare your vehicle for spring.

Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning

Wind, rain, snow and hail have a couple things in common: they're normal winter occurrences and they're no good for your car. Since your vehicle likely took a harsh beating from the elements during the cold months, now is the perfect time to give your car a thorough wash. Start by washing the tires on your car, making sure to remove any built up grime and debris that can cover up any issues. As you wash your vehicle, keep in mind that getting the undercarriage fully clean is essential. This area is more likely to carry built up grime that can be corrosive to your vehicle's paint and metal surfaces. Once your car is clean and shiny, apply a layer of wax to better protect the exterior. If you notice any scratches or issues with the paint, get these fixed quickly before they have a chance to develop into larger issues.

Fill Up On Fluids

Your vehicle relies on various fluids to keep it healthy and running smoothly. If you run out of some fluids, you risk the danger of causing serious damage to your engine and other essential components. Before your fluids have a chance to run out, give them a quick check and top them off. Some fluids, like your coolant and transmission fluid, might need to be flushed a replaced for best results. Most people forget about the transmission fluid and before they know it, they find themselves paying the steep price of a transmission repair. Your engine oil is another essential fluid that needs to be checked regularly. You should check for two primary things: the amount of oil in your vehicle and the state it's in. To keep your engine better protected and to get the most out of your engine oil, make the change to a full synthetic oil in Zebulon, NC. A synthetic oil change will ensure your oil performs better in all weather and can even help keep your engine cleaner for longer.

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Test Your Battery

Your battery has to work harder than usual to operate normally during the cold winter months. Because of this, it's a good idea to get your battery professionally tested once the winter is over. If your battery is over three years old, this is even more important. Most batteries have a lifespan of three to five years, but it's hard to know just how much power they have left in them if they never get tested. Clean the area around your battery ensuring that the connections are tight and free of corrosion or other debris. If you notice buildup on the posts, remove the cables and clean them. Head to your local car parts store for cleaning solutions made specifically for this area.

Check Your Cooling System

Although you may not have a need for your cooling system just yet, now is a great time to check on it. If you notice your air conditioning isn't cold at all or isn't working as cold as it used to, you may need some help fixing it. The problem may be as simple as needing more refrigerant, but it may also be more than that. A professional will let you know if there are any leaks, clogs or other issues that need to be taken care of. By getting this fixed now, you'll have one less stress come summer.

Get Your Brakes Throughly Inspected

Getting your brakes fully inspected will not only give you more peace of mind while on the road, it can also help you safe for a long time. Get your whole brakes system inspected, including rotors, drums, lines, hoses, fluid and your parking brake. If necessary, something as simple as a brake pad change can make a huge difference for your safety. Remember that taking care of small issues early will help prevent bigger damage in the future.

Synthetic Lubricants in North Carolina

As we dive into spring, don't forget to get a synthetic oil change. Contact Synthoils in North Carolinafor the best synthetic oil deals and specials. Shop our range of AMSOIL products for your car, boat or motorcycle by visiting our online shop. Call us at (919) 600-2749for more information or to place an order.

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