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Metal Protector Testimonials & Stories

"WOW I bought a few cans of this spray, both to sell, and use in my shop. I recently had a chance to really test this product. I am repairing an older truck that blew out a rusted brake line. Once I inspected the truck, I determined the safest approach was to replace every steel brake line on the truck. Anyone that has had the fun task of removing rusted brake lines can attest to the difficulty. I sprayed every connection the day before I began the job. ll I can say is "WOW!" ... every single connection just popped loose and only the worst connections twisted the brake line (3 out of 18 line ends). I was amazed how easy everything came apart! I've done this type of work since the 80's and feel I have had the opportunity to do this type of job using several brands of penetrant and this is the best!"
Jim L.

"Something a bit simpler.  The handle/twist latch on my shed door was getting difficult to turn.  Figured it was worn out, but had a can of metal protector near by so squirted some in every place I could see.  Opens so easily I thought it was broken.  Been a week now and still the same.The saddle bag latch on my motorcycle was getting too difficult for my wife to secure.  Same result."
Tim V.

"I can echo Jim's results!  I have used many different penetrating oils in the past (some are better than others).  I just completed a complete restoration of a 1968 American Motors AMX that had sat in very poor storage for 30 years.  Every bolt was removed after spraying with MP and out of all the nuts and bolts in the entire car I only had one break (a H. grade 2 bolt I had used to secure the drive seat after loosing the original bolt in 1974).I have never founda penetrating oil that works better than MP!"
Gene H.

"I have 2 tire stores, Quick lube shops that MP is all they use for nuts bolts hinges etc. Another regular mechanic repair shop dumped all his Kroil, PB Blaster, WD40 etc, and now only buys MP by the case for use in his shop.  I dragged an old piece of farm equipment, a hay rake, out of the woods behind my home. It had been abandoned there by farmer 50 years ago. Once in my yard next to my garage, I squirted MP on every nut and bolt and then tapped them with a hammer. Next day every one of the nuts and bolts came apart with crescent wrenches. They were all square head bolt and nuts that sockets would not work on. Every one of them came apart and off to the recycling center with all the steel.   The uses never seem to end.  :) "
Jim K.

"Sold a can of MP to a photographer yesterday for his studio equiPment.Tons of stands and brackets he tightens and loosens daily.Worst was his large stand that is a 8' metal pole that the "arms" slide on. Boy that was a loud squeeking every time he adjusted it.He said he's sold!"
Douglas P.

"An account of mine, a golf cart service shop tried the MP and their mechanics told the purchaser that no other product would be needed ever again"
Lee T. 

"Here is an off-the-wall and different use for MP.  If you wear the western-style shirts with snaps (or any other clothing with snaps), MP is wonderful for lubricating the snaps whenever they get dry and are difficult to snap/unsnap.  Spray MP on a Q-tip and swab the metal parts of the snap.  Works like a charm!"
Jack Greene.

"For about 15 years have used MP as a gun lube, way before the Amsoil gun lube came out. Got 2 other people to start using it.Two years ago agreed to go to a USPSA shoot with one of the guys who is using MP on his firearms. The location was out in the middle of nowheresville, no shade, constant 96F temp, blowing wind with plenty of sand in it. By lunch time the pro shooters were breaking down their magazines to clean and reoil with the commonly used thick gun oil. The pros were having jams. The mags my friend and I were using did not have a problem.The day wore on and the pro shooters were breaking down mags and firearms to clean and lube between stations. My friend and I, with our MP lubricated arms, kept going. At the very last station, at the end of the day we were both beginning to have a minor problem with jams. When everything made it home there was a thorough cleaning and spray of MP. We both expended about 200 rounds.Looking forward to trying the Firearm Lube…."
Gasper H.

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