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If it feels like your mechanic is changing your oil each time you take your car in, there are very good reasons. But do you know what they are? This article aims to give you a better understanding of why your car’s oil keeps getting changed, and the benefits you receive from it.

Find out Why Your Oil Keeps Getting Changed

It’s unreasonable for every motorist to know everything about their cars; especially when it comes to all of the work that a professional mechanic does to an engine. However, of the few things which everyday motorists can easily learn about, a general synthetic oil change is at the top of the list. If you’re interested in learning more about how your engine works and why your mechanic keeps giving you a synthetic oil change, Synthetic Solutions has just the post to share.

Let's Start With the Basics. And We Mean the Basics.

If you were to think of your engine in the most rudimentary way possible, you could consider it to be filled with many metal parts. Some slide up and down against each other, others can hit against each other before springing back up, while others can simply just go about their business without causing too much trouble. It’s the parts which interact with each other that can cause you serious problems and a hefty mechanic bill. As you drive, these parts move at incredible speeds, sliding and scraping up against each other, all for the purpose of keeping your car moving. As you can imagine, when this happens at great speed and under high amounts of pressure, friction builds up. When this happens, each of these parts starts to chip away at each other, causing what you know as ‘general engine wear.' You likely also know it as a mechanic bill. Of course, this isn’t the best way for any engine to operate. In fact, like this, your engine isn’t going to operate for very long. To stop this type of damage, engines requires a product called, you guessed it...synthetic motor oil. Finding the right synthetic engine oil isn’t a hard task, you just need to know where to start. Check out the online store for more information about each of the different types of engine oil available, such as AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to get started. If you still aren’t sure, pick up the phone and give Synthetic Solutions a call at (919) 600-2749 and let a synthetic oil change expert help you out. Synthetic motor oil coats each of these parts with a protective (and very slippery) film. With this film in place, instead of scraping, these parts glide up against each other. The result? An engine that can operate not only at its best capacity but with minimal damage.

‘This sounds like miracle fluid,' you say! Now you’re wondering why it needs to be replaced

Like all things, engine oil doesn’t last forever, and given the circumstances it’s forced to work under, it’s no surprise. After a while and depending on your driving style and miles traveled, your conventional engine oil will start to break down. When this happens, the comprehensive layer of protection that it once provided begins to break away. As you can imagine, this spells bad news for those engine parts that rely on it to operate at their capacity. And this is where the charge for a synthetic oil change comes in! By replacing your aged motor oil, a mechanic is providing your engine with a renewed barrier of protection, giving your engine what it needs to work at its optimal. This synthetic oil change not only works to keep your running costs down but also helps to keep your power up. If I can buy it online, why can’t I change the oil in my car myself? A very good question, and one which every motorist should be encouraged to ask themselves. And the answer is, you can change it yourself. Not only will it save you money during your next mechanic visit, but it’s also a great way to get in touch with your engine and learn a little bit more about how it all works. The process for giving your car a synthetic oil change depends on your engine and where the valves are. If you aren’t sure about the process, give your car dealer or manufacturer a call to get specific instructions which can help you out.

Boost Your Car's Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in Zebulon

Once you have the know how to give your car a synthetic oil change, you will need the right product for the job. Check out the online store which can show you more information about each product available to help you make the right decision. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to give Synthetic Solutions a call at (919) 600-2749 and speak with a synthetic oil change expert about your engine and the best products for it.

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