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Is there a smell inside your car that you don't know where it comes from? If so, it's time to learn about common causes of bad car smells. Learn more in this article that Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon has for you today.

Do you notice a weird smell inside your vehicle? Leaving bags of food, cigarette buds, dirty clothes, etc. inside your vehicle can leave bad smells. However, certain smells can help you identify if you are dealing with a problem related to your engine. If you are interested in learning about the cause of different smells you can have inside your vehicle, read this article that Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon has for you.

Rotten Eggs

Having a rotten egg smell inside your vehicle can be very uncomfortable. If you get in your car and are welcomed by this smell, start to look around as well as under your seats. One of the reasons for this smell can be that you left an old bag of food or something that has gone bad. Give your vehicle a good clean to rule out this option. However, if the smell persists, you could be dealing with a faulty catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is in charge of converting hydrogen sulfide in your engine's exhaust into sulfur dioxide. If this part of your engine isn't working properly, it can leave the smell of rotten eggs. Make sure to get a professional to check your vehicle.


If you get a faint smell of gas when you approach your vehicle in the morning while the engine is still cold, it could be due to incomplete combustion. This is normal, so don't worry. However, if you notice this smell while you are driving, there could be a problem with the evaporative emissions control system. This system is in charge of containing fuel vapors and recycling them through the engine. If the system's gas cap is loose, the gas fumes could be leaking into the inside of your vehicle.

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Sweet Smell

Do you notice a weird sweet smell while you are driving? If so, a coolant containing ethylene glycol could be leaking from the cylinder head or the radiator. Also, a sweet smell inside the cabin could indicate a problem with the heater core. Either way, make sure to give your engine maintenance to ensure there is nothing that could decrease its lifespan.

Burning Rubber

Your engine has many parts made out of rubber such as the belt and hose. When these parts become loose or have suffered extended wear and tear, they can come into contact with hot engine parts, causing a burning rubber smell.  Also, an overheated clutch plate can cause the same burning rubber smell. In either case, it's best to get these parts checked out or replaced as soon as possible.

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Exhaust Smell

Smelling exhaust fumes inside your cabin is something you should never ignore. This smell can indicate a leak in your car's exhaust system. Another reason for this smell can be having poor seals on your doors and or windows. Being exposed to exhaust fumes for an extended period of time and inside a confined space can be very detrimental to your health. So, make sure to visit your mechanic of trust as soon as you notice this smell.


If you have the habit of smoking inside your car, it's important to remember that the smell can get stuck inside. If you sense the smell of smoke even when you are not smoking, this can be a sign that the smoke got into the duct system for the air conditioner and heater. One thing you can do to get rid of the smell is to spray air deodorizer through the intake valve of the system.

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