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Are you staring at a light on your dash and don't know what it means? Are you looking for synthetic engine oil so that your oil light will finally disappear? This article will help you with both!

Understanding the Lights on Your Dash

The more features and accessories that are being included in modern cars, the more dash lights there seem to be. And while the icon used to be apparent and tell you immediately what was wrong, lights nowadays seem to be getting more and more cryptic. If this rings true to you, Synthetic Solutions has a post which can help.

Somebody Sitting Down With a Ball at Their Face

The ball is supposed to be an airbag, with the person being the driver or the passenger. This light often comes on as you switch on your car. This happens while your car's computer prepares everything. If this light remains on after more than a few seconds, switch off your car and speak with your mechanic. If means that your airbags are experiencing a technical issue. This means that they may not deploy in the event of a collision or they may deploy as you are driving.

The Oil-Can You Remember

If it looks like a picture of a classic oil-can then it isn't just telling you to replace your oil, it's telling you there's a problem with your oil pressure. This could be caused by a range of things, such as a burst oil line, an insufficient level of oil, or a mechanic issue. If draining and replacing your oil doesn't help, speak with your mechanic. When replacing your oil, use only the best products. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil from the Synthetic Solutions online store. If you prefer, give them a call at (919) 600-2749 to learn about the range available.

A Circle With an Exclamation Point in the Middle and Parenthesis on Both Sides

What you're looking at is your brake system alert light. A very important light in the scheme of things. This light tells you that something is wrong with the system that controls your brakes or the brakes themselves. Check to see the level of grip on your current brakes and that none of them have jammed. If everything looks clear, best to call a mechanic to attend instead of driving to your nearest garage potentially without brakes.

A Car With Squiggly Lines Coming From the Tires

The idea behind this icon is that it is supposed to depict a car driving out of control. This indicates that there is an error with your traction control system. This light will often come on in conjunction with your ABS light (see below). This light will also flash in the event that it detects hazardous driving conditions.

Your Brake Warning Light but With ABS in the Middle

In addition to the regular braking alert light, you may also have a similar icon with 'ABS' in the middle. This is alerting you that there is a problem with the car's ability to prevent your brakes from locking.  This light is not referencing the quality or condition of your brake pads, perse. More the system itself.


If you are lucky enough to be driving a car with AWD, then this light will tell you when you have it switched on. Either on purpose or by accident. If you see this light, don't worry that something is wrong, it's just telling you about how your tires are being driven.

A Picture of Your Battery

Many people ignore this light because they think it means they need to buy a new battery. While that's possible, it can also represent a loose connection or dirty terminals. If you see this light, make your way home and take a look at the condition of your battery. If it's seen better days, give it a clean or replace it.

The Best Products for Your Next Synthetic Oil Change in Wendell

Not all of the lights on your dash mean that something is wrong. Each time that you see the light activate, however, it's worth checking out what it is trying to tell you. For the best products to give your car a synthetic oil change in Wendell, click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil or to visit the online store where you can learn more information. If you prefer to speak with an expert, call Synthetic Solutions today at (919) 600-2749 and find out which engine lubricant is best suited to your needs.

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