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Don't let the fear of driving with a trailer prevent you from getting a boat and enjoying the adventures it allows. This article has some basic tips to help you be a smart and safe hauler.

How to Drive Safely With a Trailer and Boat

Hauling a trailer and a boat around the countryside as you and your traveling companions seek out new adventures is an amazing way to spend your weekend, your month, or even your retirement. In addition to all of the experiences that you can have just by visiting places by road, towing a boat opens up so much more for you to see and experience. If this sounds like your type of adventure, however, you're nervous about carrying a boat and trailer or are looking for some general trailer maintenance tips, Synthetic Solutions has the following post to offer.

Start at the Bottom

The condition of your tires can impact a number of aspects of your driving experience.
  • The most apparent is your safety. An old, worn, or damaged tire has the potential to cause a blowout while driving at high speed and while carrying a heavy weight.
  • Tires without sufficient grip will have trouble climbing steep inclines and can impact your ability to reach 'hard to get to' camping sites.
Give your trailer tires a monthly inspection, depending on how often you drive. Pay close attention to any small nicks and cuts which don't appear problematic now, but will quickly grow into a larger problem later.

Before Each Drive

Continuing the topic of tires; before each drive, check that your tires are holding the appropriate level of pressure. This doesn't mean that you should pump up a flat tire or let down a tight one, it means to consider the driving you will be undertaking and the terrain which your tires will encounter and adjust your pressure accordingly. After all, high pressure while driving through rocky terrain can lead to a lot of punctures, very quickly.

Rust and Corrosion

Your trailer is the first item to hit the water and the one which spends the most time in there while you load and unload your boat. For this reason, it's important to use the right grease for your joints and bearings, to prevent washout and corrosion during your maintenance. You can buy high-quality, water-resistant grease by clicking to visit Synthetic Solutions' online store. You can also browse the range of engine oils with accompanying information. If you aren't sure which engine oil or grease is right for your needs, it's best not to take the chance and guess. Instead, call (919) 600-2749 and speak with somebody who can help.

Show Your Intention

Just as your car's indicators are the best way for other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to know your driving intention, your trailer's also share the same importance. Before each drive, have the passenger check that all of your indication and safety lights and working on both your car and your trailer, and that the connection is secure and won't become loose while driving. If you notice that any of the bulbs are missing or not working, fix the problem before you drive.


There is already a lot going on when you are driving and able to see all around your vehicle, but when you add in a trailer and a potentially vision obstructing boat, it can lead to serious mistakes. To make sure you have full visibility at all times, be sure to attach extended wide-angle side mirrors. These attach to your vehicle and sit in addition to your standard side mirrors. These additions allow you to see your haul in its entirety, along with any other vehicles or obstacles surrounding it.

It Isn't All About Going Forward

When it comes time to stop, be sure that you can, and in time. Again, depending on the amount of driving you do, consider checking the condition of your brakes of your brakes on a monthly basis, if for no other reason than to know in advance when you will need to arrange a replacement. Of course, if you can hear the grinding or screeching of the indicator pin, then stop driving and replace your brake pads immediately.

Finding the Best Products for Your Next Synthetic Oil Change in Raleigh

When it comes to towing a trailer and a boat, it just takes a little common sense and some basic tips, like the ones in this article. If you are unsure about any of the products which you should be using with your boat or your trailer, it's never a good idea to just take a guess. Instead, pick up the phone and speak with a friendly expert by calling (919) 600-2749. If you prefer, Synthetic Solutions' online store has a wide range of products available with accompanying information about their uses and their benefits.

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