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Just because you don't know how your engine works doesn't mean that you can't take steps to reduce your gas usage. This article has some great ideas and tips to help. Do you remember a time where you could visit your local gas station and fill up the tank without wondering how you were going to pay your rent for the next month? It can seem like low gas prices are a thing of the past with many motorists accepting the high prices and looking for ways to reduce their gas usage. The challenge is that most motorists don’t have a thorough working knowledge of how their vehicle or their engine operates to think of ways to improve their fuel economy, leaving them with the single idea of just not driving their car.

Extend the Time Between Visits to the Gas Station

From years of providing motorists with high-quality synthetic oil products matched with great customer service, Synthetic Solutions knows that there are many things a regular driver can do to improve their gas usage and has the following tips to offer.

Tire Pressure

Let’s start with the pressure levels in your tires. While it might seem like a strange idea, the pressure levels in your tires play a large part in how much gas you use. If your tire pressure is too low then more of the tire is contacting the road than was designed for. The more tire that comes into contact with the road as you drive than the more friction that builds up. This friction works against you as you drive and requires your engine to work harder to keep your tires moving. By judging each of your tires to the correct level, you are effectively reducing the amount of friction which occurs, requiring less fuel to spin your wheels.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Fluid Levels?

Just like your body, your engine needs the right amount and the right type of fluids to operate at its best. If any of these levels get low or the fluid becomes old or degraded then your body (or the engine) can’t work like it was designed to. For example, when you switch on your engine, a number of metal parts inside your engine all spring into action. As they work, each of these parts slides and grinds up against one another at high speed as they interact to keep your vehicle moving. As you can imagine, metal sliding against metal at high speed is going to cause heat and friction. Similar to your tires, the more friction that builds up, the harder your engine is required to work. Of course, in the case of engine friction, this also results in engine damage, causing your performance to lower even further. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your car running in good shape. Products like these have been purpose designed to keep engines clean and work to reduce gas usage. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Raleigh can help your fuel economy, speak with Synthetic Solutions by calling (919) 600-2749.

What's the Rush?

Unless you can think of a really good reason why you should be rushing to get to the next red light then consider laying off the gas pedal as soon as the light goes green. If you think about just how much your car weighs then you can begin to realize just how much energy is required to move it from a standing start. The faster you make your engine move the vehicle from a stopped position, the more energy that is required, resulting in much gas usage. By simply taking off from the red light at a slower pace you are saving precious drops of gas along with reducing your stress and frustration levels at the traffic lights and vehicles around you. This tip can be included in all of your daily driving, such as when you start from yielding to other traffic or even leaving the car park.

Find a New Way of Doing Things

If you were to think about it then there would be numerous places that you find yourself stuck in traffic at each day or every week. While there isn’t much that you can do to remove traffic, you can do a lot to work around it. As you sit down to plan your errands for the week, look for ways that you can move things around so that you avoid the common traffic spots. This could mean dropping off your dry cleaning on a different day when you are already in the area or making changes to the route you take to the supermarket and local stores to avoid peak hour delays.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Raleigh Is Just What You Need

If you are looking to improve the health and performance of your engine while also minimizing your gas usage, a synthetic oil change in Raleigh is a great way to achieve this. Check out the online store to browse the full range of high-quality AMSOIL products or feel free to speak with an expert at Synthetic Solutions by calling (919) 600-2749.

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