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Every motorist wants to save on gas. The challenge is knowing how without simply leaving your car at home.

Just because there isn’t much you can do to lower the prices at your local gas station, reducing your gas usage and saving money doesn’t have to mean leaving your car at home.

Reducing Your Gas Usage

Synthetic Solutions knows just how important our vehicles are to our daily lives and has prepared some powerful and easy-to-adopt tips which can help you to both enjoy your vehicle and its conveniences while reducing the number of times you need to visit the gas station to fill up.

Brake Instead of Gears

Motorists who drive a manual transmission have the tendency to change-down through their gears as a primary method of slowing down each time that they see an upcoming turn or every time that they need to stop for a red light. On the flip side, many of these drivers also push their gears as hard as possible to reach the next red light fast.
  • Instead of using your gears to slow your vehicle before a turn or a stop, coast to the light and use your brakes to slow or stop your vehicle.
  • When you accelerate, listen to your gears and change when you can hear them struggling. Don’t push them as loud as they can go before finally changing gears.
Both of the above behaviors cause your engine’s RPM to increase, which means that your engine is working harder. This means you'll end up using more gas than you need to. Adopting these two tips is a great way to help reduce your gas usage.

Don’t Warm up Your Vehicle

It can sound counterintuitive to the primary lesson you were taught when you learned how to drive. However, warming up your vehicle each morning not only wastes fuel but is no longer necessary with the right oil. Warming up your vehicle is actually warming up the conventional oil in your engine which has become thick overnight. Conventional oil needs to warm up before it can once again protect your engine while you drive. By switching to synthetic oil, you can forego the need to waste fuel each morning, as synthetic oil has been designed to withstand low temperatures and maintain its protective consistency. Put simply, your vehicle is ready to go when you are with synthetic oil. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and stop wasting fuel by warming up your vehicle each morning with a synthetic oil change. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle or for help placing an order, speak with an expert on the subject at Synthetic Solutions by calling (888) 450-2658 or check out the online store.

Better Routes

Rearranging your errands and daily tasks can be a great benefit to your gas tank, and also helps reduce the amount of time you are stuck in frustrating traffic. Start by using an online map service and get a visual on where your errands are around your city. Using this, look for tasks which are close to each other and:
  • Consider rearranging these tasks to occur on the same day.
  • Look for the best routes between each of your errands.
  • Find routes which require you to drive fewer miles.
  • Think about when and where you often get stuck in traffic and find an alternative.
  • Is there somewhere you can park and walk to a few errands?
Doing this reduces your gas usage by both lowering the number of miles you need to drive and limiting the amount of time you are stuck in traffic and wasting gas while you wait for a range of red lights and roadwork to clear.

The A/C Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Of course, you don’t want to drive in a hot car. However, your air conditioner isn’t the only way to reduce the temperature inside your vehicle and make your drive more comfortable. If you are driving along the freeway on a road trip or other journey where you are traveling at a decent speed, then your air conditioner is the best option. This is because the wind resistance which can occur by lowering your windows on the freeway results in your engine working harder. On the other hand, wind resistance isn’t so much an issue if you are driving around town at a casual speed, often starting and stopping between tasks and errands. In this driving environment, lower your windows and allow the air to cool you down and reduce the temperature inside your vehicle. When choosing this option, lower your back windows slightly to encourage air flow.

Improve Fuel Efficiency With a Synthetic Oil Change in Zebulon

Giving your vehicle a synthetic oil change improves engine performance and reduces engine wear, both of which help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. To place an order or for help finding the right product for your needs, speak with an expert at Synthetic Solutions by calling (888) 450-2658.

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