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If you’re a person who cares for their vehicle, whether it’s a truck, muscle car, motorcycle, boat, cab, or other, then you may have found yourself at the crossroads of having to choose between synthetic oils and conventional oils. Which should you choose to ensure the best performance for your vehicle? If you’re currently battling it out with this, this post will share with you a few reasons why you should opt for synthetic oils to feed your ride.

Benefits of Synthetic Oils

  1. For starters, with synthetic oil, you’ll get better protection for your vehicle i.e. less friction between metals. Moreover, they also protect your engine against developing ash and other deposits.
  2. It’s also possible that the synthetic oils will allow you to have a greater fuel economy, depending on how your engine performs and how it’s configured in the first place.
  3. One of the most significant benefits synthetic oils offers is that it’s more temperature resistant. Their higher viscosity index means that they won’t turn too thin or thick, providing better lubrication both in extremely cold and hot weather. 
  4. Synthetic oils allow your vehicle to run more smoothly, since there’s reduced friction in it. This means that your vehicle gets more horsepower and performs at a higher capacity. 
  5. A great benefit for you and the environment, comes with the fact that synthetic oils don’t need as many drains and changes, which results in less oil waste. 
  6. All of the advantages mentioned above can result in a longer engine life, which means that your vehicle and its components will be taken care of and will work properly.

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