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Classic Monsters That Won't Break the Bank

We gave you the new, now here is the old.

Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 WS6 (1979)

While Smokey and the Bandit made the Pontiac Firebird popular and pushed up collection prices, the Formula 400 WS6 has gone under the radar. It was not as flashy, but came with the 220-hp, true Pontiac 400 V8, and those beautiful snowflake wheels. You can find one for between $11-17,000.

Triumph TR6 (1969-73)

From across the pond comes the Triumph TR6. A pretty number with a 150-hp 6-cylinder engine with major torque. It is easy to maintain, looks great, and parts are readily available making it an ideal first-timers choice. You can easily find well-maintained, low mileage options for under $15,000.

Mercury Cougar (1967-73)

The Mercury Cougar was the luxury Mustang, with leather seats, a wood-grain steering wheel, and special gauges. The GT option came with the 390 FE motor. Production was cut in half in the 70s, so later models are rarer, but no more expensive. For between $1-6,000, you can put one of these on the track.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra is fast, tough, and a steal for around $5,000. While it still has the boxy look of 80s cars, performance-wise it is hard to beat.

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