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Take Care of Your Car When It's Not in Use

Your muscle car is probably one of your most prized possessions, and with good reason. Even though it might not get as much use as a regular car, you still have to take care of it while it's being stored. Pager Enterprises in Zebulon has some essential muscle car storage tips to help make sure your car is always ready for the road.

Protect Your Battery

Even if your car isn't being used regularly, your battery can still lose its charge. To prevent having your battery lose its charge, you can remove it from your car. This isn't very difficult if your car sees little use. However, if it is too inconvenient to have to remove your battery every time you store your car, you can opt to simply disconnect the battery's cables.

Keep Your Car out of the Sun

Keeping your car out of the sun is especially important during the summer. The direct sunlight that hits your car can cause your paint to oxidize and fade faster. Storing your car away from the sun can also help protect your tires. Your tires can start to crack and split because of sun exposure.

Store Your Car Away From Traffic

Ideally, your car should be stored in a garage away from direct sunlight and other elements that can affect it. Keeping it parked on the street not only exposes it to seasonal weather, it can also be affected by bird droppings and bugs. High traffic areas are especially dangerous because they leave your car vulnerable to dents and scratches caused by other vehicles. If storing your car in a garage isn't an option, protect it with a car cover.

Synthetic Oil in Zebulon

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