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Improve Your Engine's Performance With Synthetic Oil

If you have been using conventional oil for your engines since you can remember, now is the perfect time to consider improving your engine performance with AMSOIL synthetic oils. In this post, Pager Enterprises AMSOIL in Zebulon has some advantages of synthetic oil to share with you when the time comes for an oil change.

Improve Oil Flow Through Your Engine

One of the big advantages to synthetic oil is its greatly reduced levels of impurities and contaminants. Unlike conventional oils, the purity of synthetic oil allows it to better maintain its viscosity in extreme temperatures and continue to thoroughly lubricate your engine.

Reduce the Need for Oil Changes and Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for replacing your oil filter are blockages caused by left over oil deposits and contaminants. In addition, it is these same deposits that are being left in and throughout your engine. The levels of contaminants found in conventional oil are not present in synthetic oils, and so not only is the need for replacing your oil filter reduced, but your engine also runs cleaner for longer without requiring the maintenance you have become accustomed to.

Improve Fuel Economy With Synthetic Oil

It doesn't matter the make, model or year of your vehicle - synthetic oils are known for their performance in improving increased fuel economy. The cleanliness of your engine that synthetic oils afford make a big difference in promoting a smooth and economically conscious engine.

High Quality Synthetic Oil in Zebulon

If you're interested in improving your engine's performance and reducing engine maintenance costs, speak with with an expert at Pager Enterprises at 919 269 3331 and get professional advice on the best synthetic oil for your engine and your budget.

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