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Give your vehicle a proper routine check after exploring the most exciting off-road trails! Learn more by reading this article by Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon.

What better way to enjoy the outdoors this season than driving through the Brown Mountain OHV Trail System or the Uwharrie National Forest? If you want to ride your vehicle in North Carolina's best trails, learn how to give your vehicle proper maintenance after each off-road adventure. Overall, you want to have your off-roader ready for the next terrain, so make sure to read the following tips that Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon has for you today.

Clean Your Vehicle

One thing is for sure, after running your vehicle through muddy puddles and dusty trails all day, it'll end up covered in dirt. Nevertheless, you want to avoid mud from drying up all over it since it causes paint damage, corrosion, and overheating when it dries up inside the engine. So, the first thing to do after getting home from the trails is to clean up your vehicle. Make sure to wash the wheels, front, back, top, and underneath of it. You can get rid of the mud using a pressure washer; it'll do the job easier. Additionally, make sure to wash the engine components carefully to prevent any damage.

Check The Suspension

Once your vehicle is clean, look into its components to make sure all is in tip-top condition. You can start by checking its suspension system, as it's prone to damage in challenging and bumpy off-road trails. Get your flashlight and go under your vehicle. Make sure the bolted joints are tight. Shake the tie rod and track bar to ensure they are connected and strong. If you can, look into the shock absorbers right behind your wheels to make sure they aren't leaking oil.

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Inspect The Tires

Look into your tires for signs of uneven wear or missed lugs. Furthermore, make sure all tires have the correct operational pressure by measuring them with a tire gauge (it's important to check your spare tire as well). Next, you can check if the tires have air leaks by spraying the wheels with soapy water; if you find bubbles indicating leaking air, your tires need further inspection.

Check The Air Filter

After exposing your vehicle to loosen dust in the trail, it's a good idea to remove its air filter to make sure it's not dirty with accumulated dust or bugs. Overall, your engine needs fresh air circulating through all its components to run smoothly; therefore, if the air filter is dirty and clogged, your engine will reduce its efficiency.

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Check The Engine

After each off-road trip, it's essential to inspect under your vehicle's hood to identify any issue with its fluids or components. The main focus is to make sure there are no leaks; then, you want to ensure the fluids have the proper levels and consistency (if they look foamy or milky, your vehicle needs professional inspection). Last but not least, verify there are no muddy spots left inside the engine.

Inspect Your Vehicle's Diff and Transmission

The differential is a crucial gear train for your off-road vehicle. It regulates each wheel's speed to handle curves and turns throughout the trail. Its gearwheels and pistons need proper lubrication to work and control each wheel's speed; however, the rear differential can get oil leaks if it gets damaged on the road. Therefore, part of the checking routine after riding is to make sure the rear differential has no oil leaks. The transmission system is closely related to the differential; however, the transmission's main job is to provide wheels with enough torque to increase or decrease the vehicle's speed. This system also requires oil to avoid friction among gearwheels; so, after off-roading, make sure your SUV or truck doesn't have transmission oil leaks; moreover, ensure its oil doesn't have a foamy or milky look to it, as this would mean the oil got mixed with water and it needs to be changed.

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