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For as long as you can remember spring has always been the best time for giving your house and your garden an annual clean. Commonly referred to as a 'spring clean', the change in weather provides the perfect opportunity for people to get themselves ready for the year ahead.

Don't Forget Your Car When It Comes Time for a Spring Clean

When it comes to getting your home and garden ready, there's no reason you can't include your vehicle during your clean. To help get you started, AMSOIL Dealer - Synthetic Solutions has put together a list of ways you and your family can include your vehicle in your annual spring clean to keep it well maintained.

Start With Your Vehicle's Tires

When a vehicle's tires are concerned, many motorists consider them to be zero-maintenance. And while the level of maintenance required is minimal, it's crucial. Start with a visual inspection of your tires and ensure there are no pieces which have cut away as a result of sharp rocks or glass let on the road. Even the smallest of cuts can lead to a tire blow-out as you drive, especially dangerous when driving at high speed. Along with ensuring their condition, take the time to make sure the pressure inside them is at the best level but matching it against what is listed in your owner's manual, or even on the tire itself. When your tire pressure is too low, it can increase the friction between it and the road as you drive, leading to an increase in your gas consumption.

Engine Oil and Fluids

When asked, many motorists advised they leave the checking and topping up of their engine's fluid levels to their mechanic. While it's important to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic regularly or if you notice a loss of performance, maintaining sufficient fluid levels is a task which every motorist can complete. Lift up the hood of your vehicle and check your engine oil, brake fluid levels along with your power steering levels. Along with these, look through your owner's manual for any other fluid levels which it recommends maintaining. If you're unsure which products you should be using to replace any old or depleted oil and fluid levels, it's best not to take the chance with an inferior product. Speak with an expert at AMSOIL Dealer - Synthetic Solutions by calling (919) 600-2749 and be sure to get the right product for the task. With an extensive catalog of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oils to choose from, AMSOIL Dealer - Synthetic Solutions will make sure you get the right oil for the task.

Give Your Battery a Check

Similar to tires, most motorists believe that a battery will last forever without any need to check its condition. While there isn't much you can do to maintain a battery, ensuring that it's in good condition is crucial to make sure that you don't get stuck with no way to start your car. Take a few minutes and make sure the terminals are clear from any white crust and corrosion.

Nothing Beats a Clean Like a Clean

Of course, it wouldn't be a spring clean without the actual clean. With your regular vacuum cleaner, give your vehicle's interior a thorough clean - and we mean thorough. Use the accessories which came with your vacuum cleaner to reach spaces between your car seats and cushions, in between your seats and center console, along with around your foot pedals. Moving on to the exterior, be sure to give your car a really good wash down with sponges and soapy water. We mentioned a 'really good' wash because it's important that you don't just rinse your vehicle with water. Over time, dirt, rain, and debris can accumulate on and around your car, including its undercarriage. Along with causing damage to the paintwork of your vehicle it can also lead to corrosion and rust - something you don't want to see on a vehicle.

Get the Right Products for the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Wake County

Giving your vehicle a clean during your regular spring clean doesn't require a lot of time and has a great range of benefits which are not only cosmetic, but can also work to improve your engine performance and reduce ongoing wear and tear. If you see any fluids with low levels or that are looking old, don't take a chance with the wrong product. Speak with AMSOIL Dealer - Synthetic Solutions at (919) 600-2749 and talk about the make and model of your car to get the best synthetic oil product for your vehicle.

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