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Being behind the wheel under heavy rain is a challenging situation for any driver; therefore, today’s post by Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon will share helpful tips for driving safely in rainy weather.

Driving in bad weather through soaked roads and around big puddles can make any ride a challenging experience; however, you can overcome any poor weather condition and improve safety on the road by learning basic safe driving techniques. To that end, stay safe this rainy season and read the following tips by Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon.

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First, Improve Your Visibility

Clear visibility on the road is vital to see traffic signs, potential road hazards, and even to measure your following distance with other cars; however, heavy rain may impede your vision while driving. To avoid any accident or road problem due to lack of visibility, remember the following steps
  • Turn your windshield wipers on: You may want to turn them on at high speed if the rain is heavy. Also, please keep in mind windshield wipers are essential for driving safely in rainy weather; therefore, make sure its blades are in great shape for the whole season.
  • Turn defrosters on: If the rain is causing condensation or fog in your windshield, turn the defrost on so you can keep your visibility.
  • Turn the air conditioner on: You can also turn the AC on and roll one of the windows down a bit to lower condensation by getting air circulation.
  • Turn your headlights on: Since rain reduces visibility on the road, ensure to be seen by other drivers with your headlights on.

Slow Down

The asphalt usually has a coverage of grime and build-up oily residues. With rain, the water washes the road and combines with oil, resulting in a more slippery surface; as might be expected, these conditions make traction more challenging for your vehicle's tires. Therefore, you have to be gentle with your braking and acceleration when driving in the rain; on the whole, it's safer to slow down to keep your vehicle in control and allow your tires to have better contact with the ground.

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Learn How to Handle Hydroplaning

As mentioned above, traction is key for a safe ride in the rain. However, as the tire tread wears, it loses tread depth, a structural condition required in the rain to remove and discharge water that forms between the tire and the surface. Without proper tread depth, your tires may lose their all-weathered performance, increasing the risk of hydroplaning. Nonetheless, you have to be prepared to handle your car if it skids; hence, make sure to learn what to do in advance
  • Don't brake: Since braking could cause more damage, allow your tires to regain grip without putting your foot on any pedal. Doing that might seem daunting; however, most rain-related skids last very little.
  • Enhance steering wheel control: As you skim across the road, keep a firm hold on the steering wheel with both your hands and place it in the direction you want your vehicle to go.
  • Use your horn to alert other drivers: If more road users are near you and your car suddenly hydroplanes, use your horn to warn them about the danger.
  • If possible, pull over: After regaining traction, look for a safe place to park. To stop, remember to apply the brakes gently.

Maintain a Safe Distance From Other Drivers

Lastly, you can improve your safety when driving in the rain by simply increasing your following distance with other cars. As you know, braking is more challenging on wet surfaces; therefore, in order to minimize the risk of skidding or bumping into another car, you need a more significant distance to brake. Furthermore, if you're driving right behind a large vehicle, it could spray water in your direction, affecting your visibility. To that end, keep a safe distance on the road.

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