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When it comes to escaping the world, there's nothing quite like a road trip. Whether you and your friends pile into your car for a weekend of camping or you take your family on an extended journey to visit distant relatives, a road trip makes the adventure possible. However, as relaxing as a road trip can be, there are a number of small, yet crucial, items to consider to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smooth and Your Passengers Happy on Your Next Road Trip

Providing motorists just like yourself with high-quality engine lubricants for them to perform their own synthetic oil change means we hear a lot of road-trip stories. And not all of them positive. Using this experience, Synthetic Solutions have compiled a list of top items to check and pack to help ensure your next road trip is a pleasant one.

Let's Start With Safety

The best place to start is with vehicle safety. When checking your vehicle, pay attention to the following items:
  • Be sure that your seatbelts are in full working order. If any of the locking mechanisms are broken or any of the straps have become frayed, replace them before you drive.
  • Check the condition of your tires, paying particular attention to the tread levels and any bald spots or cracks on the wall of the tire. Don't forget to include your spare tire when performing this check.
  • Be sure that your brake pads have sufficient padding. In the event that an animal runs in front of your car when you are driving at high-speed, or you encounter an obstacle, your brakes can be the difference between a 'near miss' and serious damage to your car.
  • Even if you are planning to drive only during the day, pay attention to the condition of your headlamps and indicators. Something as simple as a blown headlamp on a deserted highway can hinder your ability to continue your travel.

Engine Fluids

Once you are sure that your vehicle is safe to drive, move on to your engine's fluid levels. While you may be accustomed to checking your coolant and performing a synthetic oil change, there are a number of additional important fluids to check before your trip:
  • Coolant
  • Motor Oil
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Washer Liquid
If any of these fluids are below their optimal level, top them up and pack the remainder of the bottle in your trunk. These could come in very helpful in the event that something goes wrong along the drive, or you meet somebody who wasn't as prepared as you and has broken down. If you notice that your engine oil has become dirty, instead of giving it a top up, perform a synthetic oil change. Similarly, if your transmission fluid has reached the end of the lifespan recommended in your owner's manual, flush it out and replace it with fresh fluid. If you aren't sure of the best products to use for a synthetic oil change or to top up your engine fluids, speak with Synthetic Solutions at (919) 600-2749 and speak with an expert about the make and model of your engine.

Prevent Angry Passengers

A road trip is supposed to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. However, it only takes a few small issues for your passengers to become frustrated and lose their cool. Here is a list of what to pack to help prevent this:
  • Electronic device chargers
  • Music
  • Travel Games
  • Snack Food including fresh Fruit
  • Lots of water and juice
  • Sandwiches and other filling foods
  • First aid kit
  • Blankets
If you remember needing any additional items during previous road trips, bring them along. Also, don't feel that, as the driver, you are 100% responsible for passenger comfort. Remind each passenger to consider the journey ahead and pack anything they feel they may need.

Help Make Your Drive Smoother With a Synthetic Oil Change in Wendell

When operating for extended periods during the summer heat, engines incur additional stress and strain. This level of stress and strain is managed by your engine oil, however, if you are using old oil or a low-quality motor oil then it can result in reduced performance and engine damage. Before you leave, speak with Synthetic Solutions at (919) 600-2749 and get a high-quality engine lubricant. By using this to perform a synthetic oil change prior to your road trip, you are providing your engine with a fluid can not only increase the ability of your engine to operate over long periods but can also work to reduce your overall engine temperatures.

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