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Get the Right Riding Mower for You

Sick of pushing a mower around your big yard? Perhaps it is time for a riding mower. Before you make the switch, get to know your options. There are three kinds of riding mowers, and this article will explain each of them.

Rear Engine Mowers

Mowers with engines in the back, typically under the seat, tend to be narrower and more stable. They are ideal for yards with gates and hills. They lack the power to pull large attachments and they are slower than your other options. If you have a lot of obstacles in your yard, you want the slower speed.

Lawn & Garden Tractors

Tractors do more than just cut your grass. They are built to haul heavy attachments and you can use them for a variety of purposes around your yard. Their engines are very powerful, but not fast.

Zero Turn Mowers

These are the race cars of the mower world. At 8mph, they will speed across your yard in no time. Despite their unfortunate name, zero turn mowers make 360 degree turns simply and nimbly. Because they are fast, they will save you time. Because they are light and lack large, gripping tires, they are not as stable on hills and slopes.

Additional Considerations

Remember that the brand of the mower is not as important as what your yard needs. If you have a large, open yard, you probably want a fast mower to get done quickly. Yards with flowerbeds, trees, rock paths, and other obstacles to avoid will need a slower mower with better handling and maneuverability. Find the mower that meets your needs, not just the flashiest, newest, coolest toy.

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