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Are your breaks making weird noises? Have you noticed your brake pedals becoming soft? If this is the case, you might want to read this post by Synthetic Solutions and learn about what these signals are telling you about your braking system.

Giving you brakes maintenance is essential. Brakes are one of the most critical aspects of your car, and them not working properly can put you and those around you in a dangerous position. Luckily, some signals can help you identify if you might have a problem that needs to be solved. Being informed about common brake malfunctions can help you prevent bigger issues and ensure you and your vehicle are safe. If you want to learn more about the topic, Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC, has the perfect article for you.

Do You hear Weird Noises When You Apply the Brakes?

If you are driving and start to notice squealing, squeaking, or high-pitched noises that stop when you start applying the brakes, it most likely means your brake pads have worn down. The best thing to do in this situation is to replace your pads before they cause you to have rotor damage, which can lead to other more significant problems that can be quite expensive. Another typical sound you may be hearing is a grinding sound when applying the brakes. This can mean different things. It can mean your brake pads are worn or that there is a black of lubrication in the rear drum brakes. If this is the case, it is highly recommended to get your brakes looked at right away.

To ensure your brakes work correctly, give them the best products out there. Speak with a professional at Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC, today, and learn about the benefits that a synthetic oil change can have for your engine. For more information, visit their online store or call (888) 450-2658 today!

The Brake Pedal Is Too Firm

Brake pedals should run smoothly, so if you start having to apply extra pressure to the point of discomfort to be able to come to a stop, your brake pedal is too firm. This can point to different problems:
  • Your break line has an obstruction: there might be a contaminator blocking your brake fluid from reaching a section of your braking system. You can inspect the brake lines to check and see if there is visible damage.
  • There is a problem with the vacuum: break busters used a vacuum to help the process of activating the brakes, and it the vacuum happens to have a leak, it won't be able to perform its job correctly. Have your brake buster and vacuum checked by a mechanic, maybe something needs to be replaced.

Brake Pedal Is Vibrating

A lot of things can cause brake pedals to vibrate, but this is something you definitely shouldn't look over. Some amount of vibrating can be normal, as cars equipped with ABS can present a level of vibration queen pressing the brake pedal very hard. If this is not the case, here are some possible causes:
  • Your car may be out of alignment: if your car happens to be out of alignment, your vehicle will start shaking on your front end. Ensure to get your car aligned.
  • Your brake discs are in bad condition: there is a chance one, or both brake discs are in bad shape, causing them to work unevenly. If this is the case, remember to get them both replaced at the same time to ensure they work properly and evenly.

Protect your braking system by using the best products on the market. AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid maintains maximum ABS and traction-control performance to ensure you and your vehicle are protected and ready to go. Speak with an expert at Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC, today by calling (888) 450-2658.

Break Pedal Sinking

If you have to press down on your brake pedal farther than usual to be able to come to a stop, your brake pads are likely starting to wear down. It may not be a major complication at the beginning, but brake pads are something you shouldn't wait around to get looked at. Waiting until your brake pads are completely worn can cause you to lose your braking, leading you to be in a dangerous situation.

How to Protect Your Brakes

Certain actions can cause your brakes to wear down quicker. To prevent this from happening, take your vehicle for inspection at least a year. The constant stop and go that is common in city driving causes rotors to warp quicker. Also, ensure to follow speed limits and to avoid tailgating, as having to come to a sudden stop can cause you to have decreased your brakes' lifespan.

Ensure You Are Taking Proper Care of Your Brakes by Using the Best Products out There

Giving your vehicle proper maintenance and your brakes the care they need is the best way to ensuring everything is working how it should. AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid will ensure your brakes are protected and run smoothly. Contact a professional at Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC, today, and learn about the benefits that a synthetic oil change can have for your braking system. For more information, visit the online store or call (888) 450-2658 today!

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