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Are you planning on repainting your vehicle? If so, it's important you are informed on the different factors that go into the process to ensure you are making the right decision. Learn more about this topic by reading this article by Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon.

Are you thinking about giving your vehicle a fresh coat of paint? Giving your car a paint job can be very exciting, but is it really worth it? There are many factors that go into repainting a vehicle, from the cost to the time it takes to obtain a quality work done, being informed about what goes into a car paint job is essential. To learn more about this topic, read this article that Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon has for you today.

What Are Some Common Paint Problems?

Some of the common reasons people have for repainting their vehicle is due to spotting to discoloration on their vehicle's paint. This is caused by constant exposure to different elements like the sun as well as natural contaminants like acid rain, road tar, bird droppings, and more. Other common problems are cracking and chipping.

Is Repainting Your Vehicle Worth It?

Even though repainting your vehicle may be a very tempting thing to do, it's important to consider if it is an investment worth making. Especially for older cars, a paint job may not be the best idea. It's important you learn about your vehicle's price in the market as repainting your car will most likely cost a lot of money. If this is not an investment you will be able to recover, it may not be worth it. On the other hand, if your vehicle is in good condition, giving it a fresh coat of paint may increase its value in the market and will possibly help you get more money out of your car when you try to sell it.

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How Much Does Repainting a Car Cost?

The cost of your paint job will differ depending on the amount of work your vehicle needs as well as depending on your service provider. There isn't a standard cost when it comes to car paint jobs, it will depend on the quality of job you desire as well as the services you want to pay for. For example, if you wish your vehicle to have a brand new color or have a specific art design, the cost of the job will probably go up. Before committing to the investment, ask for several estimates that include details like interior work, parching damages, as well as the specific sections that will be painted.

It Takes Time

Painting a vehicle takes time. Most paint shops give on average a three to five day estimate for the job to be done, but this can vary depending on the vehicle. It's important you consider this as you will probably be without a car for as much as a week. Repainting a car is a process that involves many time consuming steps which are necessary in order to perform a quality job. Make sure you take this detail into consideration and prepare.

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Your vehicle has many layers of paint as well as a top coat. In order to give it a new look, there is extensive work that needs to take place. Preparing a vehicle for a paint job requires a lot of sanding as well as removing the clearcoat along with scuffing up the old painted surface. After doing so, if your vehicle requires any bumps and dents to be repaired, this adds to the process. After this, a primer needs to be applied before moving on to the actually coats of paint.

Removing All Interiors

Another detail many people don't know about is the fact that for a full paint job to be done, the car interiors need to be removed. This includes the consoles, seats, and dashboard. This ensures the painter is able to reach even the hard to reach places without compromising other parts of the car.

What better way to ensure your vehicle is protected and looks as good as new than by giving it proper maintenance. With products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, your engine will have maximum protection. Speak with a professional at Synthetic Solutions to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Zebulon, NC, by calling or by visiting the online store.


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