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Riding your motorcycle with a passenger can be challenging. If you are looking for some tips, Synthetic Solutions has this post for you to help you have success on any ride.

If you love motorcycle rides and wish to share the experience with someone close to you, allowing them to be your passenger is the perfect option. You might be an experienced rider, but learning to ride with a passenger can be a challenge. Luckily, Synthetic Solutions has this article where you can learn some tips on how to be successful when riding with a passenger.

Enough Experience

First of all, you should think about your experience. Having enough experience riding your motorcycle is essential if you are thinking about taking a trip with a passenger. You should have at least one year of experience riding after taking a proper rider-training course. If you recently changed or bought a new motorcycle, you should have at least three months of getting used to riding your new vehicle.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Passenger-Ready

Not all motorcycles can handle the extra weight of another person, so make sure you check how much weight your motorcycle can take. Give your motorcycle maintenance to ensure your brakes, and suspension are in good condition and set for the extra weight. Also, you should make sure to get passenger foot pegs and any other additional accessory to ensure your passenger is comfortable and secure.

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Inform Your Passenger About Proper Technique

There are certain movements and techniques that you should teach your passenger. Take your time to explain everything and practice with your companion.
  • Tight grip: teach your passenger to hold on to you. Having a loose grip can cause you to feel uncomfortable about your passenger's safety and can also cause them to slam into you. A tight grip allows for a smoother ride.
  • Turning: having a passenger with you changes the way the motorcycle moves drastically. To prevent any significant problems, instruct your passenger on how they should move and react to your movements.
  • Sudden movements: help your passenger feel safe while riding the motorcycle to prevent them from making sudden movements that can make you lose your balance.

Go For a Test Drive

Introduce your passenger to your riding style. If you are planning a trip together, practicing and getting familiar with each other, and being together on the motorcycle is important. By doing this, your passenger will have the opportunity to put into practice everything you taught them and see if there is anything that makes them uncomfortable. Your passenger will be able to learn in a controlled environment and gain the confidence and security they need for the real adventure.

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Communicate With Your Passenger

Before going on your trip, have a long conversation with your passenger where you explain the route you are taking and all the aspects you should keep in mind about it. Come up with a schedule and determine all the time frame and stops you will be making along the way.

Determine Rest Stops

Plan enough rest stops. Rest stops will allow you both to talk about how you are feeling and about changes or adjustments you might want to make in order to achieve a smoother and more comfortable trip. Rest stops are also important to recharge and make sure you are both hydrated and have enough food in your systems to have the energy to keep going.

Wear The Proper Gear

To ensure both of your safety, ensure you wear the proper gear. If your passenger doesn't have their own gear, help them acquire gear that properly fits them, as loose gear can be dangerous in case of an accident. You and your passenger should both wear a fitting motorcycle helmet, gloves that cover your entire hands, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle ling pants, and over the ankle boots.

Have a Safe Trip With the Help of Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC

Another important aspect you should pay attention to is your motorcycle maintenance. By using the proper products, you can ensure your motorcycle has a long lifespan and your engine works at its best. Speak with the experts at Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon, NC, and learn about their fantastic motorcycle oil. For more information, and to learn about synthetic oil change, call (888) 450-2658 today.

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