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Do you know your car's most important fluids? Read this post by Synthetic Solutions in Zebulon and learn how essential fluids play a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle correctly.

From the moment you start your car, several fluids and liquids circulate under the hood. All in all, each engine system relies on proper lubrication to work as expected; therefore, a big part of maintaining your vehicle has to do with checking its fluids quality and levels. So, to keep your car healthy and well-lubricated, read this post by Synthetic Solutions and learn about the functions and needed care for its leading fluids.

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Most Important Engine Fluids For Maintaining Your Vehicle

Engine Oil

Engine oil holds a crucial value in protecting your engine from friction, premature wear, and heat in terms of its functions. When you start your car, the engine's metal parts initiate a motion to run. As you accelerate, the fast-moving components start to produce friction and heat; without engine oil, these parts would be rubbing dry past each other, creating mechanical friction that would inevitably lead to fast-paced wear. Luckily, engine oil creates a lubricant shield so the pistons, bearings, and moving parts can smoothly slide against each other. Now, engine oil is more than a lubricant; for example, by the time it shields fast-moving pieces against friction; it also helps the cooling system to regulate the motor's temperature by absorbing heat. Nonetheless, when the oil gets near boiling, it goes through the oil cooler to lower its temperature and get stable enough to keep circulating through the engine. Another critical function associated with engine oil is that it keeps your engine free from debris. Typically, engine oil has additives built to wash away accumulated sludge, varnish, or suit under your vehicle's hood. All in all, engine oil keeps your engine clean, lubricated, and at perfect operational temperature; therefore, make sure to keep this fluid topped up and changed as stated by your owner's manual.


When your engine burns fuel, not more than a third part of the released energy becomes mechanical power to move your car. The remaining energy gets stored within the engine in the form of heat. While some of it gets dissipated by the exhaust system, approximately 30% of the combustion heat gets absorbed by coolant. To that end, it's worth mentioning that an engine's temperature can rise to around 4,500 °F when it starts. That amount of heat could melt several components and cause your vehicle to overheat; thus, coolant avoids those issues by serving as an effective heat-absorbing fluid to keep your engine at optimal temperature. All in all, coolant is one of the fluids you shouldn't overlook.

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Transmission Fluid

The transmission system regulates your wheels' speed and rotational force; therefore, you can expect this engine system to power your wheels in challenging conditions, for example, driving up a hill or driving a loaded vehicle. The transmission system is made of several gear sets that get in motion when you accelerate. As mentioned above, fast-moving pieces can have issues due to friction and heat; thus, the transmission fluid plays an important role in lubricating and protecting all these gears against friction and wear. Plus, similar to the engine oil and coolant, this fluid also serves as a heat-absorbing fluid within the transmission system. To keep your transmission fluid in mint shape, make sure to check on its condition at least once each month to keep it top off. Also, it's worth mentioning that fluids break down, accumulate debris, and lose their protective functions over time; therefore, give your transmission oil a change every 60,000 to 10,000 miles.

Brake Fluid

Your vehicle's brakes are one of the most important components. When you apply the pedal to stop your vehicle, brake fluid within the brake system gets pressurized to create hydraulic forces that squeeze each wheel's disc rotor surface; this leads to increased friction that allows wheel deceleration to a complete stop. All in all, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to stop without brake fluid; therefore, this is an essential fluid in terms of safety. Although the brake fluid reservoir is sealed to avoid contamination, this fluid can still absorb humidity around it. After holding a lot of water, its boiling point lowers, causing structural damage to the liquid and hindering its functions; therefore, avoid moisture-contaminated brake fluid by changing it at about every 30,000 miles.

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