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I picked upa copy of your excellent publication at the QuartzsiteRV Show. Goodarticles except for one glaring error in the “Synthetic Motor Oils.” Mr. Siuru’s statement that, “They (synthetic lubricants) are not to be used in automatictransmissions under any circumstances” is astounding! Most manufacturers of automatic transmissions specify synthetic fluids, especially for heavy duty operation such as in motor homes or pickups pulling trailers.

Mr. Farlow’s article, “Keep That Tranny Working,” speaks the truth. He also recommends an excellent product in the Amsoil automatic transmission fluid.

As an old drag racer, car nut, engineer product tester and writer of automotive articles for the last 40 years, may I assure you that sentence should have read, “They (synthetic lubricants) are highly recommend for automatic transmissions”.

Certified lab testing, along with my own testing, shows about a 20 degree drop in operating temperature under identical operating conditions in automatics. As Mr. Farlow points out, the life of an automatic is directly tied to its operating temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the life, He also speaks to the superior flow characteristics of synthetics at very low temperatures. This holds true with gear lubes in manual transmissions and rear ends or with engine oils as well.

I have done considerable testing of various lubricants in Dodge/Cummins trucks over the last seven years and 200,000 miles. Full synthetic lubricants are superior in every measurement, showing as much as a 60% decrease in failure under severe operating conditions. This correlates with data developed by Dana, the maker of axles fur these trucks. Incidentally, these trucks come from the factory with synthetic lubricants installed in the drive train components.

The only caution on the use of synthetics should be not to use them in a new engine. Wait until the engine is broken in, then switch to a quality synthetic. I usually wait until about 10,000  miles on the Cummins Diesel. 

Keep up the good work.

John Holmes, Silver Springs, Nev.
March, 2001 Issue

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