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Bobby Grove, Prince George, VA purchased a used 1985 34' Pace Arrow Motor Home from a friend of his.  The vehicle had 45,000 miles and had been given reasonable care.  The engine was a Chevy 454 V-8 with a generator and two roof top AC units.  His friend explained to Bobby that the mileage was not the best and he consistently got @ 5MPG regardless of driving conditions. 

The first thing Bobby did was tune it up and in the process found a broken plug wire.  He then took a 150 mile trip and got 6.1 MPG.  The RV was then converted over to AMSOIL completely.  He put 0W-30 in the engine, 75W-90 in the differential, repacked the wheel bearings, changed the ATF in his automatic, and added PI to his fuel tank. 

Bobby then made the same 150 mile trip and calculated his mileage and to his delight he got 7.9 MPG.  A few weeks later he took a trip up to a campground in western VA., and this involved going over the Blue Ridge Mountains.  When he got to the campground he filled up and calculated his mileage and to his amazement got 9.9 MPG.  His next trip was to Virginia Beach, VA, a 200 mile round trip on level terrain, running both AC's the whole time.  He then filled the tank and came up with mileage of 10.2 MPG.  Bobby is a long time user of AMSOIL, knew the RV would do a lot better but never anticipated these kinds of results. 

This is not the end, the RV had been stored in an open for over ten years and the outside had never been polished and was dull and badly streaked.  Bobby worked for several days, using a variety of cleaners and polishes, only doing about 1/2 of one side.  Bobby came by and asked if AMSOIL had anything to clean the outside of the RV.  I suggested the Miracle Wash, not knowing if the surface was just too bad to be helped.  We were both shocked at how well and easy the Miracle Wash cleaned the RV.  Bobby went home and completed the rest of the RV in few hours.  Bobby also found out that AMSOILS' Brite Side Tire cleaner worked like a "miracle" on his awning that was badly streaked with mildew.

(I made a video of Bobby explaining and demonstrating how AMSOIL products make owning an RV a much more pleasant experience. For a copy of the video send $6.00 to me and I will mail you one)

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